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Chellie is an exceptional calico cat who is the smartest cat I have ever known

Chellie is a wild and crazy cat who came to live with us at the end of June of 2004. We adopted her from the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic. She had been taken from a college student who thought she was too rambunctious; she was a four month old kitten so of course she was rambunctious.

At that time we had two cats, Lucy and Katie. Katie is a beautiful Tonkinese who was four years old at that time and Lucy, our older black cat who had cancer and wouldn't be with us much longer.

We were taking Lucy to the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic quite often but we weren't looking for any cats at that time. But Chellie, then named Cleo, was in the adoption room at the Clinic and she was talking to my husband.

There was also a stray gray male cat in our neighborhood who was vying to be our cat.

Two other people in the neighborhood were feeding him but he liked us better because of Katie. Griz could not believe it when all of sudden there was a calico kitten staring out at him through the patio door. When we did finally take Griz in he was so relieved to finally be inside. But after Chellie jumped on him for about 10 minutes he was ready to go back out. After that initial meeting Chellie and Griz became instant best friends.

All was well in our cat family; Katie, Griz and Chellie were getting along well. In the spring of 2005 I started volunteering for the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic's Adoption Program. I mainly take pictures for their web site and make fliers and other PR material for the Adoption Program. At the end of August we were socializing a feral kitten, Luna, which Chellie fell in love with. We were the second foster home for Luna and the only reason we were able to socialize Luna was because of Chellie. Chellie taught Luna that it was okay to trust us.

We also had a stray cat, Dottie/Gabriel, living in our garage at night that was waiting for a spot in the Adoption Program.

So we weren't looking to increase our cat population at that time. Meanwhile at the Clinic they rescued a four week old feral kitten from the engine of a car at a florist that is around the corner from the Clinic. The little black and white kitten was very unhappy and one of her back legs was injured in the engine.

They called her Snap Dragon Iris and I would hold her everyday when I went to the Clinic. She didn't really like anyone at the Clinic except for an older shy kitten named Benson.

Snappy had been there 4 weeks, she wasn't thriving at the Clinic: she only weighed 15 ounces. They asked me to take her home which I really wasn't in a position to do since I had two other cats I was fostering and three of my own. But I agreed to take her home for 2 weeks. SUCKER!

Homes were found for our other two foster cats but there is no way that I wanted to give Snappy up. Snappy was sick for quite sometime and we weren't sure at first that she was going to live. But she was happy here, she loved sitting with Griz.

But after about 3 months she was on her way to being healthy. By that time I was very attached to Snappy but we had to have a family vote to keep her.

Chellie cast the winning vote in Snappy's favor to stay so that is how we became a four cat family

I still volunteer at the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic's Adoption Program. We have found homes for 282 cats and kittens in the last two years, which is remarkable for a veterinarian's office. The doctors and staff of the Clinic are the best people in the world.

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That is the story of Chellie and our cat family. I will be adding sections to the site with cat information and links to cat refuge organizations in Southeast Michigan. Please check back.

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